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By J.P. Seaton (Editor), Dennis Maloney (Editor)

ISBN-10: 1877727377

ISBN-13: 9781877727375

This anthology gathers over 1500 years if chinese language Zen (Ch'an) poetry, from the earliest writing -- together with the Hsin Hsin Ming written by means of the 3rd Patriarch -- to the poetry of priests dwelling during this century. Drawn jointly by means of the Zen thread, this ragged line of poet-hermits varieties a profound lineage for plenty of modern poets.

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Temple bell, and knowin g grows nearer : bird from the branc h will drop in to shar e of the mendicant's meal . 850) (C . 850 ) Singing of Cloud Mountai n Answering Lu Ye I. I heard wind and waterfall in a dream : I have nothin g else to send you . The wheel outside the door is just the moon . Those objects hanging from the eaves , just Autumn clouds . People may talk about a ladder to heaven . Ten million rungs, and each an illusion . . Better the old ma n sitting, on the cliff Breeze clear, moon bright , and his heart , the same .

White moon rides a high wind , and I can' t sleep. Among the withered reed s the fisherman' s a nightmare . Thinking of the Old Mountains Toward the End of Autum n Spending the Night in a Little Villag e Hard traveling, and then a little village, for the night : a year of plenty, chickens, dogs , it's raucous as a market town . Come out to meet the stranger in the dusk: whole families, laughing, happy : beneath the moon , seining up fish from the pool. Used to live north of Square Hut . . Nobody knew my name .

Then colors dazzle me : mountain red, green stream , and a pine so big, ten people linking hands can't encircle it . Bare feet on slick rock as I wade upstream . Water sounds shhhh, shhhh . Wind inflates my shirt. A life like this is the best. Why put your teeth on the bit and let people rein you in ? O friends, my party of gentlemen , how can we grow old without returning here ? (773-819 ) River Sno w A thousand mountains . Flying birds vanish . Ten thousand paths . Human traces erased . One boat, bamboo hat, bark cape — an old man .

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