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By Gerald Lieberman

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Few issues boost a speech greater than a well-chosen citation, and during this booklet you will find whatever for each subject and each celebration. even if you are after the knowledge of the a long time or a zingy wisecrack on any topic from skill to Zoo, it really is the following, prepared alphabetically for simple reference. a major reference and a satisfaction simply to flick thru besides.

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So one kind of love exists in a healthy body, another exists in a sick. As Pausanias just said about people-it is beautiful to gratify good men but ugly to gratify lechers-so also with bodies: it is beautiful, even necessary, to gratify the good in each body (such gratification is called medicine), but ugly to gratify the sick and the bad, which we must in fact fru~trate to become good technicians. Now medicine, briefly defined, is the science of bodily loves as they pertain to repletion and evacuation, and a man who can diagnose the beautiful love and the ugly will be a good diagnostician, while one who can exchange the one for the other and apply love where it is needed and excise it from where it doesn' t belong will be a good practitioner.

True,' I said. Then don't go forcing something not beautiful to be ugly or something not good to be bad. ' 'Everyone ignorant, you mean? ' 36 Mantinea was a town in th e Peioponnese. Diotima is probably an invented character. ' I asked. ' 'Easy. Look, do you call all gods beautiful and happy? ' 'Heavens, no! ' 'Certainly,' I said. ' 'See? ' 'Then what is he? ' 'What can that be, Diotima? ' 'A great spirit, Socrates. The whole spirit world, in fact, lies between the mortal and the divine. ' 'What is its function?

Zeus and the other gods held a conference to decide what to do. It ended in frustration. They couldn' t blast men with lightning, . as they had the Giants, and eliminate the racethat would also eliminate the honors and sacrifices that they got from them. But they couldn't tolerate this outrage either. "Zeus thought long, then had an idea: 'I think I've found a scheme,' he said, 'to foil this nefarious plot and still let men live. We'll cut them in half and kill two birds with one stone: They'll be weaker and also more useful to us because there'll be twice as many of them.

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