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His basic conclusions about reality and the Party are right, but in so many things he is wrong and his naiveté results in even more suffering. He often understands how, but he can't imagine why. Ultimately, we learn that how and why are not important. The essence of Ingsoc, control of thought and action, must be resisted completely at its inception or, we realize, we might well end up like Winston, and he is unable to do anything more than dream that, hopefully, someone else will stop the Party.

Winston does not, however, understand the purposes of the Party in its advocation of celibacy and in its attempts to destroy all joy in the sexual act. Much later, when O'Brien instructs Winston in the meaning of the Party's ideas, Winston learns why it is necessary for the Party to snuff out all interest in the sexual act. Winston believes that the sexual relationship accompanying love will result in a loyalty between individuals that is contrary to the desires of the Party. It is ironic that Winston does achieve such a relationship, even establishes the loyalty that he hoped would grow out of it, but the Party destroys that loyalty.

In the scene of the arrest, the symbols mentioned earlier figure prominently. The glass paperweight is smashed by the Thought Police. Behind the print of St. Clement's is a telescreen. The jingle about the bells of the London churches becomes ominous, especially the last line, when repeated by Mr. Charrington. The paperweight especially is reminiscent of an earlier symbol, the ''Golden Country,'' about which Winston dreamed before meeting Julia and seeing his dream become reality. The world which he imagined as existing in the paperweight has vanished now as surely as the world of his dream.

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