100 Under 100: The Race to Save the World's Rarest Living by Scott Leslie PDF

By Scott Leslie

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Scientists estimate that the whole biodiversity in the world is among 10 million and a hundred million species. of those, simply over 1.6 million and counting have truly been catalogued and defined. One percentage, or 16,306, of these species are threatened with extinction, approximately one-fifth of them significantly. Of this workforce, a few have vanishingly small populations within the double or unmarried digits. a number of species, together with the Pinta Island enormous tortoise and the Yangtze large softshell turtle, sit down squarely at the border of extinction within the wild with a inhabitants of one.

In 100 lower than 100, Scott Leslie tells the interesting tales of species in far-flung areas not anyone ever hears approximately, just like the northern hairy-nosed wombat, the Gorgan mountain salamander or the Irrawaddy river shark. in the direction of domestic are the Vancouver Island marmot, the Wyoming toad and the Devil’s gap pupfish. Leslie additionally tells tales of hopeful growth, as many of the rarest of the infrequent are again from the threshold of extinction throughout the devoted efforts of individuals round the world.

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It appeared the species was still hanging on, if only by the slimmest of threads. Even though later searches between 2004 and 2006 failed to turn up anything other than one claim of a single vocalization, the IUCN listed the Miss Waldron’s monkey as critically endangered and possibly extinct. The species simply did not yet meet the criteria for extinction. If Miss Waldron’s monkey still survives somewhere, it may be in Ehy Forest of eastern Ivory Coast. It was near here, on the edge of a large lagoon surrounded by villages, that scientist Scott McGraw—who had been searching for years in vain for the elusive animal—found that aforementioned skin of a Miss Waldron’s monkey.

Having lived for millennia without natural predators, dodos had no need of an instinctive fear of anything, so they were very tame. This made them easy pickings for the first humans they had ever encountered, Portuguese sailors who stopped by the island in the early 16th century to gather food for the onward leg of their journeys. Following on the heels of the Portuguese, who never permanently settled Mauritius, the Dutch arrived in 1638, staying for good. With them came rats, pigs, cats, and dogs, a marauding army of dodo destruction loosed from the holds of ships onto a pristine tropical island that was set with a sumptuous buffet of easy-to-obtain food.

Here, the seven-kilogram apes swing through the trees on their long arms, a way of getting around known as brachiation. Spanning gaps of 15 metres at speeds of up to 50 kilometres an hour, the agile apes travel gracefully through the canopy, stopping often to eat fruit. No animal surpasses them in their mastery of arboreal travel. Yet, as spectacular as their tree-top peregrinations must appear, a Hainan gibbon is much more likely to be heard than seen. Songs are socially important to gibbons. The all-black males and the yellow-coated females form long-term pair bonds and sing duets that echo through the jungle for up to a kilometre.

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